More beauty in decay

Managed to get out and about yesterday for the first time in a while – discovered this old and dilapidated farmhouse just outside the village of Pellegrue in the Gironde alongside a vineyard. Some beautiful stone outbuildings one of which contained what appeared to be ovens, kilns or something like that but l don’t really know. With the weather taking a turn for the better and free from confinement until 6pm, when they Curfew kicks in, we should be able to enjoy a few more trips further afield and hopefully start “happysnapping” again.

Who would be a Lock-keeper

We are experiencing extraordinary levels of rainfall in the region and the River Garonne has burst her banks already. Our village sits at the riverside where the Canal Lateral, which leads to the Canal Midi, begins it’s journey to the Mediterranean Sea. These are pictures from Sunday and today of the very first lock-keepers cottage – Apparently the River is due to rise another metre overnight – Who would be a lock-keeperπŸ˜•πŸ˜πŸ˜•.