Two doors and an inquisitive dog

This afternoon we stopped to take some pictures in the tiny bourg of Saint-Martin-de Lerm as there was a lovely old door and a very unusual gate. This attracted not only the attention of a local chap, who wanted to know what we were up to, but also an inqusitive dog who was interested in what l was doing. I explained our fascination with old doors and suggested l take a portrait or two – The chap declined but the dog struck a very show like pose and very handsome he is too.

A “Gulp” of Cormorants and some friendly Swans

Recently l have been trying to photograph a ‘gulp’ (who knew?) of Cormorants who gather on or adjacent to the landing in the local lake. Unfortunately they hear or see me coming and take flight so this afternoon l tried out a new, but cheap, telephoto lens. Only one Cormorant and a rather sad and cold looking Heron were there but before l could adjust the focus they too took flight. Happily the lake Swan family took pity and did a rather elegant paddle by which cheered me up immenseley. 😊