Les Vignes (The Vineyards) de Gironde

We had some fabulous weather here leading up to Easter which caused the vine and fruit trees to blossom and start the the process of growing their fruit earlier than usual. Unfortunately large areas of France were hit by severe cold weather just after Easter and up until yesterday which has resulted in a massive loss in the vineyards and orchards. Every effort was made to save them with thousands of small fires, candles, paraffin and oil lamps, even helicopters were used to fight off the frost but, in many cases, to no avail. Our local Graves and Sauternes vines have been hard hit and there has been a pall of smoke and smell of fire in the air which is a sombre reminder of just how disastrous It’s been for our Winegrowers – The Government will have to step in. Here are a few pictures of better times and a prayer for a magnificent harvest in 2022;

Mairies (Town Halls)Part 1

Every town and village in france, no matter how small, has a municipally elected town council and a Mayor. All of them have a Mairie or Hotel de Ville with their own distinctive style and character. I must have photographed hundreds of them over the past few years but is always a joy to discover another one. Here are a few of the more recent pictures.