Weeky Photo Challenge – Silent as the………..

I discovered that one of my favourite artists of all time spent his last days at Chateau Malromé which is a few miles from our house. Henri Toulouse Lautrec returned to his Mothers chateau in 1901 where at the age of 36 he died from complications due to alcoholism and syphilis. He is buried in Cimetière de Verdelais a few kilometres from the estate. The cemetry is quite small and sits on a hillside adjacent to the magnificent Basilique Notre-Dame de Verdelais, it is very tranqil and extraordinarily peaceful.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Silence

What struck me most when taking this picture was the quietness of the landscape, not even a bird singing, the wind blowing or a sound from the small village behind me – silence! – Perfect location for a little meditation.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Favourites

I tried to narrow it down by selecting the favourite 50 pictures and whittling it down to a top ten – Well that didn’t work out very well as l was left with 30 photos that held fond memories and turned out pretty good. Determined to reduce this 30 to 10 l asked Janine to help me out, which was a mistake as we couldn’t agree on 10; In the end we reached a compromise and decided on 15 pictures for our post – Hope you like them too!

<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/2017-favorites/”>2017 Favorites</a>

Weekly PhotoChallenge – Structure

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