Introduction & Gallery

I think l’ve been Word Pressganged – No, l’m sure l’ve been Word Pressganged. One minute l was securely sailing along in my own little world without too many cares or worries – dabbling with brush, crayon and camera for my own gratutitous pleasure – Then suddenly, bang, the WordPress Gang get in my head and hijack untold hours of my life that are now dedicated to making redstuffdan the best l possibly can.

I do not remember the exact moment, or circumstances in which l was Shanghaied by them but l know my life is not the same. I am addicted to my Canon camera and iPhone and look at everything as though through a lens seeking the perfectly framed photo, l listen more intently to others and read, with an insatiable appetite, about art, literature, the human condition and my grand passions wine, golf, photography and France..

Although l sense l have arrived in this place against my will l know l am really enjoying the experience and being Word Press-ganged is not such a bad thing after all.


(All photographs artwork and other images in this blog are © copyright redstuffdan and cannot be reproduced without his written permission and consent – All rights reserved)


369 thoughts on “Introduction & Gallery

  1. Hi Hannah – had a cataract op last week and have to remain inactive for a couple of weeks – my shutter finger is getting itchy so am searching my archives for any hidden gems – cannot wait to get back out there and look for some great photo opportunities😊😊😊

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  2. Thank you Sara – Love your pictures but the blog is a little confused – for example when l clicked o home in your menu it took me to a non existent page. Apart from that l am envious of your travels;


  3. I just love the pictures, they are amazing. Keep it up! I have a travel blog, see if you like it (


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