4 thoughts on “Madame redstuffs roses

  1. There’s a white & red rose that I really like, I don’t recall the proper name. . . The petals are white edged with dark red, with the outer petals especially dense with a random red swirl. I called it the Candy Cane rose.

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  2. Hi Kt Janine loves her roses and gives them a lot of tlc – we get blooms from beginning of May through to November, sometimes even in December. I will share some more pictures as the new roses appear.

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  3. Very nice – as a former rose gardener I say these look great & well cared for. I like the creamy pale yellow one tinged with pink, I had that one too. I lived in a temparate zone (rare freezing) that gave me blooms 10 months a year, I miss my roses.

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