4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – 180123

  1. My tutor, Blake Rudis at F64 Elite, says that frames stop the eye at the edges of photos on web pages. If there is no visual stop at the edges one can imagine the picture extending. He said that doesn’t happen so much with mated photos in galleries. I tried it both ways and I happen to think he is right. I say this because I admire your work so much but don’t like the visual limit that the frames created. I am glad you are receptive to my comment.

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  2. Thank you Sherry that’s an interesting and valid observation – l use them because l want to see how my stuff looks when framed. I must say l have never been to an exhibition of photos, and l’ve been to a lot, where the pictures were not framed.


  3. Love your work. I’ll pass along a critique I received. Frames are fine for picture frames but for online use they cause the eye to circle the image taking away focusing on the photograph.

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