In and around Pellegrue, Gironde Today

Les Halle de Pellegrue constructed between 1909 and 1913.

This wonderful old Cafe/Bar has been empty and for sale for at least 10 years to my knowledge – Perhaps it’s haunted!

The beautiful Town Hall with it’s wonderful clock tower.

The Old abandoned Hotel and Cafe de Commerce.

6 thoughts on “In and around Pellegrue, Gironde Today

  1. I’d guess the age of it around 100 years, maybe more – so likely the electrical & plumbing, and perhaps the structural integrity as well, need extensive work done ? Buyers rarely want to take on such an expense. and it may be haunted as well ! haha. If it ever gets torn down I hope those windows are saved !

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  2. This little bar has always caught our attention for exactly the reasons you give – We pass by every couple of months noping someone will in est in it’s renovation – Janine thinks it’s haunted and for that reason hasn’t sold ???

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  3. #2, the red bar, even though long abandoned, still has the beauty of the Nouveau designs on the windows & doors. I really like that in the past they made the efforts to make beautiful and attractive things

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