Taking up Painting again

From the moment l became WordPressganged nearly seven years ago and addicted to photography my painting has suffered. I used to spend hours happily daubing my acrylic paints or watercolours, often losing track of time and grabbing a few hours sleep between sessions. I was never going to be anything other than an enthusiastic amateur but l used to produce some stuff that people enjoyed – so much so that l gave away a lot of pictures and even sold one or two.

Recently l am starting to get the urge again, there is a large blank canvas, that has languished in the garage for a number of years, crying out for my paint. My fingers are a little painful and misshapen through arthritis so l am interested to see if l am up to the challenge. Watch this space.

12 thoughts on “Taking up Painting again

  1. Cool… yep, I know the feeling – that canvas calls! Just as long as you enjoy the process… maybe it will even provide a bit of therapy for the sore fingers and joints!
    Many years ago I made a silent vow… to sell at least two paintings – so I could better my HERO!
    Anyway, I am watching this space and judging by the painting above… you will fill your commissions book quickly! I love it!!

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  2. Might be a few weeks of kicking the artistic can down the road before l really get back into it – but Thank you for your kind words as always😊☺😊


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