3 thoughts on “L’Osier

  1. I got started with HDR using Lightroom’s HDR tool. It’s a subtle, very realisting HDR. Recently, I discovered Nik’s HDR2 and have been experimenting with it. My latest post from Barrett-Jackson features older images reworked in HDR2. For my Cellpic Sunday entries, they are almost always edited with Snapseed on my iPad. I tend to back off on the effect just a bit as I usually find the default settings a bit stronger than I like.


  2. Bonjour John and Bonne Anneé, Bonne Santé,

    Thank you for your encouragement – Having read a little about you it would appear we have a common love of photography and the process of seeking out new subjects and processing the resulting pictures. I’m always on the look-out for new software applications to create that wonderful HDR effect – the best l find is Snapseed – it’s free and very versatile – Your pictures lookfantastic – what do you use?



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  3. Happy New Year! I am looking forward to another year of following your great photography. I love your HDR style. As an aside, count me in as one who doesn’t like the new Reader format.


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