5 thoughts on “Entranced

  1. Hi Emma,

    This is L’Eglise de Notre Dame in the village of Bieujac in Sud Gironde. ( à l’origine du XIe siècle, a été entièrement reconstruite de 1830 à 1884 dans le style néoroman. Elle se caractérise par un « clocher peigne » à trois baies avec deux clochetons et balcon et une tour-escalier percée de meurtrières.)



  2. Bonjour Emma,
    If you let me know what pictures you want to use or what subjects/places you want to write about l will search my Library and let you see what else l have. As you know everything l do is centred on the Gironde Department with a huge emphasis on architecture, doors, wine châteaux and landscape. I also make frequent forays into Bordeaux – it is a fascinating, beautiful and diverse City and have only scratched the surface photographically.

    Sorry for the time it has taken to reply – we have had a rather busy Summer.




  3. Dear Dan,
    Dan, may I reblog some of your photos? I just got back from France on Tuesday. I still have a jet lag, and I’ve been writing about my stay in Burgundy and in Provence on EW Emma’s Writings on http://emmapalova.com since 4:30 a.m. My camera died on me somewhere in Lourmarin. The last photos that I have are from Lacoste, the ruins of Marquis de Sade castle. After that I had to use other people’s photos or wikipedia commons.
    We did at one point discuss our cooperation, you taking photos in France, me writing in USA. I still would like to do that. I am genuinely fascinated by France, its L’art de Vivre , history, art, food and people.
    Let me know.


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