3 thoughts on “1AAWODOR

  1. Haha, Yep must admit deep down I was wondering if it was the doorway that Sergeant Grimshaw used to get to Skaro, or maybe just something from the past like an olde medievally catflappe, or a hidden tap from a VAT of Vintage Corbieres.

    I particularly liked the contrast, it sparked my interest, you take some interesting shots.

    All the best, JD’M


  2. Bonjour – This panel is actually made of the strongest material known to man, Stregontoronium, and faced with a couple of little wood panels. It is actually the portal to the 7th dimension and if breached could result in the onset of the greatest malignant time:space continium since the Doctor confronted the Splarge in stantos5 XX3 in 1996/plip:/èç-73896. Therefore we don’t talk about it.

    Good question though!




  3. Am really intrigued to know whats behind the smaller grey panelled out opening on the left that looks just as old as the old grey beam over the solid looking door. Nice composition and mix of what looks like old versus not quite so old.


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