Weekly Photo Challenge – Vibrant



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6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Vibrant

  1. Bonjour Emma,

    I am happy to provide accredited and copyrighted photographs for this project. The Aquitaine has recently been merged with Poitou Charente and Auvergne regions to the North making it the largest in France. It covers a multitude of geographic and sociocultural differences which include the Basque country at the border with Spain in the South, the Pyrenees mountains, vast forests of Gascony, the Atlantic coast to the West, huge swathes of vine surrounding Bordeaux and Cognac. Millions of hectares of rural farmland. Enormous river valleys of the Garonne and Dordogne.

    There is a mass of information in ‘open source’ material from which you can obtain facts and figures about the region. I don’t have either the time or the inclination to interview anyone but can include my own description of each picture l provide.

    If you could be a little more precise as to what form the article(s) will take – for example are we producing a travelogue or just an overview of the ‘best bits’, I.e., Wine, Architecture, history, culture etc. Or are we saying to our readers these are the places that make this part of France a must for people planning a vacation?

    Look forward to hearing from you




  2. Dan I definitely think that both Bordeaux and the Aquitane??(sp) are the way to go as soon as possible because people are planning their summer vacations as we speak. Both places are known to the Americans and the Europeans. I can’t use the info from websites verbatim word for word because they are copyrighted and we need a story angle. That means interview s with the main people.
    I’ll write more.


  3. a very attractive photo. . and caramel–I’m all over that!
    This appears to be a travelling carousel–a good idea for bringing enjoyment & fun to those who don’t have easy access to one.


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