Weekly Photo Challenge – Happy Place

Chateau Bertranon in St Croix de Mont can be found on the Saint Maxant Road between Cadillac and Langon in the Sud-Gironde. This glorious vineyard rolls away from the road and it’s fabulous gates towards, what in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful Chateau in the region. Every time we pass by my heart lifts and spirit lightens as it did today. So in response to this weeks challenge l relished the opportunity to capture this lovely scene yet again – this is my magical, evocative and happy place ( other than in the arms and company of my three girls, wife, daughter and grand daughter ).

<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/happy-place/”>Happy Place</a>

IMG_3613 IMG_3614 IMG_3617

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7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Happy Place

  1. Thank you for liking my post and photos about Martin Walker and the village of Sarlat in southwest France in my blog “Cardbordeaux – ignorance and bliss in the southwest of France” (https://cardbordeaux.wordpress.com/). I can tell by looking at your own photos, your “like” is high praise!


  2. So very lovely, thank you for sharing this and the other wonderful places and sights captured with your camera.


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