Wordless Wednesday – 071015


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14 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – 071015

  1. Bonjour Sherry Lynn

    The culture and tradition of Brits is steeped in the colour; Our pillar boxes, phone boxes, buses, the guards at Buckingham Palace, fire engines and of course in our flags.

    In answer to your question l would have to veer towards blue – the red in redstuff is a hommage to vin rouge, my absolute favourite tipple – What’s your’s?



  2. What a lovely composition and juxtaposition with the cyclist. Do you have him wear red and ride into the shot on cue or did you just get really lucky?!


  3. Bonjour Shellie

    If you ever get the opportunity to visit France – please make sure you save a couple of days for Bordeaux – it’s a gloriously vibrant and stunningly beautiful City.




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