Thursdays Door of the Week – 170915


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8 thoughts on “Thursdays Door of the Week – 170915

  1. Merci! I’ll find the earlier post so I can work on the whole structure. If it works out, I will definitely post it!


  2. Bonjour Theresa

    This door is in the bastide town of Damizan in the Lot et Garonne department just south of Tonneins. You can see the complete building in the earlier post. I look forward to seeing a picture of your finished piece. Good luck with the project.




  3. Wow! I LOVE this door. Would you mind sharing where it is? I am taking a ceramics class and one of the assignments is to craft something architectural. I think I am going to try recreating this doorway in clay. It is an awesome study in color, pattern, texture…it has it all! Thanks for sharing. ;-)


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