This Morning No.4 – ‘Sleepyheads’



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8 thoughts on “This Morning No.4 – ‘Sleepyheads’

  1. Bonjour Madame Fontanes,

    I don’t know much about ‘tournesol’ (sunflowers) but the annual crop hereabouts, and there are 100s of acres of them, normally grow to between 5 and 6 foot in height. We have started to suspect some fields are being genetically modified as every plant is identical in size shape and colour. Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to comment Lori.



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  2. Love this! So it looks like French sunflowers are doing better than mine…can I ask a gardener question? How tall is this variety would you say? Thx for any info you can provide!


  3. I’m well, thanks. I hope your visit preventive. If not you are continuing to be on the mend. I look forward to see what you shot on the way home. Happy shooting. Dan


  4. Hi Tim,

    Hope you are keeping well – Thanks, went to the Doc’s this morning and took a few pictures on the way home, they all seem to have worked;




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