Hidden Gems

We caught sight of these today when passing a barn in a local village – We guess the one at the far end is a Citreon 2CV but as for the other two beauties we have no idea, other than they are rather splendid even in this neglected condition.


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5 thoughts on “Hidden Gems

  1. Bonjour Tim and thank you – We haven’t been able to identify the other two but are hopeful that somebody out there will know what they are – l can’t begin to tell you how many photos of vintage cars l’ve viewed over the last 24 hours – without even getting close. There are some fabulous old cars out there just going to rust – it would be nice to save these four.




  2. Very nice capture. It appears that the vehicle between the 2CV and the dark blue much older car is a VW bug. I would think that the 2CV has to be pre 1960 with a 12 hp engine. What a collector’s item consider the French government’s decision to buy up most of the old cars that were driving around France.


  3. I’ve always like the Citreon, not many of them in the US. When I was in France many years ago, I got a toy of one 6″ long, yellow, named ‘le Citron’ – the lemon, a play-on-words haha


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