Petit’ Bateau


(All photographs artwork and other images in this blog are © copyright redstuffdan and cannot be reproduced without his written permission and consent – All rights reserved)

6 thoughts on “Petit’ Bateau

  1. Wow, thank you Dan! Now I’m a blushing strawberry ;-) Love, love my new job!




  2. Bonjour Madame Fraises,

    Thank you it is one of those pictures that has a certain something, that l capture from time to time without knowing how it was achieved.
    Glad you like it. Good luck with your new job – sounds like you have truly fallen on your feet there. Oh! The eye candy obviously helps.

    Enjoy reading your stuff enormously.



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  3. This may be my favorite yet! And you have some GORGEOUS work! The juxtaposition between old and new boats, the color, the awesome sky – c’est magnifique! <3


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