Bœuf de Bazas

The French, as a general observation, love their beef and they are particularly fond of the beef (bœuf) from the Bazadas race here in the southernmost region of the Gironde. The City of Bazas is famed for it’s cows and since 1283 has been holding, each year, the ‘Fetes de Bœuf Gras’ every Thursday before Mardi Gras to celebrate the breed. More recently this amazing building, which sits on the new motorway access roads on the outskirts of the City was built to serve as a information centre for all things Bœuf Bazadaise. It is one of the most interesting and surreal buildings l’ve seen.

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5 thoughts on “Bœuf de Bazas

  1. Shrine to the best steak in Europe? I’, reminded of watching a Rick Stein episode when he went through Bazas. Fun, to say the least! ;-)


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